Attended All The Fly Kids Podcast Taping Featuring Andre “Whiteboy” Johnson of Rare Essence

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If you visit DC MD or Northern VA, I’d highly advise placing a “Live Go-Go Show” on your things to do list.

I popped into the #alltheflykids live podcast taping last night. They sat down with Andre “Whiteboy” Johnson to talk about the history of Go-Go and his band, @rewickedestband . He shared moments like the time Jay-Z’s “Do it again (put ya hands up)” sounded so much like Rare Essence’s “Overnight Scenario” that the whole city came to their defense. In which Jay-Z expressed that Go-Go bands cover hip-hop and R&B songs all the time

One particular takeaway that was interesting to me was how “Whiteboy” earned his nickname. He shared that as a young guitar player he would listen to Aerosmith and other white bands. That was obviously rare for a young black kid from DC…his friends responded to his listening of “white music” by giving him the nickname “Whiteboy”

There was a lot of great history past, present and future captured during last night’s interview. I’ll be sure to share the link when it becomes available. For the time being here is the Rare Essence rendition of Ashley Simpson’s “Pieces of Me” for your listening pleasure

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