Does History and Heritage Inspire You? 

I picked a few watermelons from my garden today (pictured far right). Instantly I began to think about why I decided to invest time and money in a community garden. I didn’t do it to simply yield a few crops, I did it with the intent to connect with a southern past that I’d only read about. The history of sharecroppers, the history of African American landowners and one of the more interesting stories, which is that of those included in the Federal Writers’ Project Slave Narratives.

 Unintentionally, the project documented a number of ex-slaves who’d express nostalgic sentiments towards their way of life on the plantation – as if their food conditions were better during slavery. It is believed that this may have been caused by the lack of access to food during the Great Depression, the time in which these interviews were recorded.  

A little bit about this series:  a constant in the raw series I’m developing here is the bird. This time the bird represents taking flight and ambition. It leads me to think about the number of times history and heritage has inspired me to pursue a particular path in life. 

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