How do we Consume History?

You refer to yourself as a “historian” and often times people think you know any and everything there is to know about history — this has led me to think about the ways we all consume history — This here is a raw attempt to produce a series of visuals, which will explore the ways history is absorbed. The bird will be the constant in each image; a subtle representation of the mind’s ability to glide over certain history while snatching up others for nourishment, similar to how a bird does its prey — please bear with the product because I’m know graphic designer. But I hope these images inspire you to think about and share the last time you were exposed to new history that you’ll continue to carry with you throughout your lifetime. Was it during a history walking tour, while watching a documentary, listening to a podcast, reading a post on social media, sitting in on a lecture? Feel free to share your experience below this post.

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