Museum Merchandise Monday: Trap Music Museum

For those who have Boosie, Rick Ross, T.I., UGK…heck even OutKast on a cassette tape, compact disc, vinyl and/or digital device …this merch is for you.

The Trap Music Museum which is a temporary Pop-Up Museum curated by rapper T.I., exhibits a lifestyle many have only had to experience through song. Still, some listeners use trap music for the motivation to roll out of bed in the morning and get to class or work. Many of these songs have helped audiences face and break through their own feelings of entrapment. These songs have soundtracked house parties/kick backs, sports games, and straight hustle.

In 2015, Elite Daily Magazine reported on a psychological study that found “the level of bass, volume, tempo, genre and lyrics, all had the potential to affect our experience of empowerment.”

The Trap Music Museum provides an unprecedented means to examine and in many ways celebrate the music sub-genre’s cultural significance.

So for this #MuseumMerchMonday let’s take a look at what the #trapmusicmuseum has to offer it’s visitors — $30 t-shirts, $60 hoodies. Uniquely packaged and placed inside a boutique bag that can also serve as a keepsake item.

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