Veteran George Wilder: South-View Cemetery and Auburn Avenue Research Library

Actor John Doyle sharing the story of George Wilder. Photographed at South-View Cemetery during “Onward: A Harriet Hike” event

George Wilder. A Union Army veteran that fought in the Civil War. He was 70 years old when he was killed in the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot. According to a recent Atlanta Magazine article, Wilder was slashed to death with a knife. It is believed that he was the oldest person to die in the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot. Pictured is actor John Doyle sharing the story of George Wilder at South-View Cemetery. Wilder is buried at South-View.⁣

Stories From The Soil: Inspired By The Equal Justice Initiative”⁣ on display at Auburn Avenue Research Library.

According to the Fulton County Remembrance Coalition, “Stories From The Soil” unveiled in May 2019 is now part of Auburn Avenue Research Library’s permanent collection. The exhibit recognizes the lives of “35 documented victims of racial terror in Fulton County between 1889-1936.”

Soil samples were collected near locations where African American lives were lost to lynchings and other race-related violence. Each jar contains a sample of the soil, a victims name, date of violence, and the name of the community in which the violence took place. ⁣

Close up of “Stories From The Soil”

Veteran George Wilder’s story lives on through the Historic South-View Cemetery Preservation Foundation’s community programming. Wilder is also 1 of 35 lives included in the “Stories From The Soil” exhibit.⁣

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